Friday, January 8, 2010

The Ubiquity of Skinny Jeans

Because skinny jeans have become almost a default setting in everyone's fashion life, when you're not wearing them, people sit up and take notice.

Here are some interesting alternatives to the far too overdone skinny jeans that could be worn with tunics, long shirts or even a nice tee:

1) Cropped pants, simple and sophisticated

2) Patterned stockings too add that bold, definitive edge

3) Tights - simple, classy and timeless

When not to wear skinny jeans:

1) when you're wearing a top that only barely reaches your hips
2) with a tight fitting tee and ballerina flats, only because its the imagination-less woman's default day-gear.
3) when you need to pretend you have curves. There's nothing more depressing than seeing straight lines all over a woman. Flares add the illusion of boot-eh, so swear by it.

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