Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Adapting my New York-oriented sense of style to a place like Mumbai is not easy. The problems are many:
1) Mumbai is just too goddamn hot for boots or cardigans or scarves or knits, or even long sleeved tops sometimes.
2) The people don't like it. Okay granted, the Indians' attitudes towards western fashion are growing more and more welcoming, but only very VERY slowly and you will get stared down on the road if you wear something even remotely eye-catching.
The thing is even with these restrictions a person should be able to dress admirably well because Indian fashion, when manipulated appropriately, can be VERY becoming. Here are some of my favourite articles of Indian/Indian-inspired clothing:

The kurta. Like a tunic, only it oozes ethnicity. Classy and comfortable.

The patiala. Sort of like harem pants, only more ethnic-ey. Also surprisingly adaptable; you could wear this over a T-shirt or a tunic or a traditional Indian kurta.

The long flared skirt (something I am just too tall to pull of, but which looks fabulous on a lot of other body-types.

Mojdis. These sandals are just about my favourite part of being Indian. Love the fact that they're turned up at the toes.

Kohlapuri chappals. Classic.
Also, Indian theme sling-bags!

These seven months in Mumbai don't seem so bad anymore ;) Cheers!

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  1. okay, a) the pictures are REALLY ugly
    b) you forgot scarves, bitch!