Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Belt Thing

Belts complete an outfit. They are essentially that je ne sais quoi that an outfit can do fine without, but just really desperately instinctually craves.

Belts need intuition. I love writing rules when it comes to fashion, but the truth is that belts just don't follow any. I've been studying belts for a long time, and I have finally come to the conclusion that the final decision - to belt or not to belt - can only be made in the moment, on an impulse, driven by primal instinct.

Belts that give shape:

I remember as a girl I used to wear dresses that had a bow at the back. Now that bow has been replaced by bold, chunky belts that flatter the figure.

Lanvin's AW09 loves thin belts on dresses that are already quite figure-ready without them. This works because the colour of the outfit is pretty constant and basic - the belt just gives it an edge, makes it interesting.

This dress by YSL is classy, and the belt adds that raw, urban touch to it. Definitely my style :)

Similar concept, though I'm not sure who its by:

This one's worn hers over her cardigan. Not something I'd think of doing myself - this probably works best on leaner figures.

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