Sunday, January 10, 2010


Out of the eleven pairs of shoes I own (I'm working on it), seven are from Aldo. I like Aldo because its the only seriously classy label available to me (in India) at a decent price. Their designs aren't all fabulous, but most of their stuff is more than just wearable.
Here's a sample of some of the stuff I own.

The Treto is a pair of bold black high heeled knee high boots, perfect to wear with a thigh-length dress, bare, over stockings or even over skinny jeans. My favourite though, is when I wear them with my thigh length green and white Zara dress and a drape-y Topshop cardi.

I have a pair of wide ballerina flats - the Markevich - which is a daring, dark almost-maroon red.
They're incredibly comfortable and the colour, contrary to my expectations, very easy to wear, probably because it speaks for itself. I love wearing it with an otherwise all black outfit - typically, a black tunic from French Connection and black skinnies from Topshop.
Then I have this pair of Rosenberger sandals that I love to wear with skinnies or leggings. The colour goes perfectly with my bottle green HnM tunic or emerald Banana Republic top.

My next conquest is this pair - called Kapetanos - that I love against all judgement.

Pink has never been my colour and I don't usually go for the pointed toes, but this is one pair of shoes that broke all my rules and then broke my heart. I'll get them once I figure out what to wear them with. Stay tuned.

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