Saturday, January 9, 2010

Short People Clothes

Today I solicited a friend of mine, who is all of five feet tall, while we were window shopping around the mall.

Now, the thing about vertically challenged people and fashion is that they present too small a frame to work within. And I don't intend this to sound mean, you know its true. An outfit that might look great on a tall person would just look like too-much-information-in-too-small-a-space on a person who was not so tall.

But while someone my friend's height might never be able to pull off knee length boots or cropped pants, they will still be able to wear high heels and thick knit sweaters better than I (standing at 6'1'') ever will.

Now even though I'm 6'1'' and my friend is 5', we share a common problem - that our torsos look too short for our legs. So in the tops arena, the rules are the same for the both of us. Neither one of us should ever, EVER, wear a top that stops anywhere above our hips.

But thats where the similarities end. While I am allowed to lavishly parade in cropped leggings and pants and flared trousers, my friend needs to stay the hell away from those and wear more skinny jeans and tights to give her legs sexy, willowy length.

We finally found her the perfect outfit, a combination of French Connection and GAP:

The shirt covered her hips and the leggings had to be scrunched up at the ankles - that added a raw, casual edge to the whole outfit. Very becoming :)!

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